The Vaporiety Company and TasteTop Lids®

David Pensak and Ajit George launch Smell the Coffee LLC to handle all sales and marketing for Vaporiety's unique technology.

The move was prompted by an unexpected demand in sectors outside food and beverage (agricultural, medical, therapeutic, etc). vaporiety will continue to handle military and government sales as well as technology development for all sectors.

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Computer expert, scientist, entrepreneur and inventor David Pensak was recently introduced to fine coffee by his wife and has slept little since. But his wife and children frequently complained about how go-cups of all designs, while keeping coffee hot and preventing it from sloshing and spilling, mangle its taste.

Pensak conducted extensive research into coffee, into the science of aromas and tastes and into membrane technology and came to the conclusion that...

October 19, 2011

Kauffman Foundation recognizes Vaporiety's Enhanced Aroma Coffee Cup as one of the 50 most promising startups from around the world as part of the GEW 2011 Startup Open Competition.

We were notified today that the Kauffman Foundation sponsored Global Entrepreneurship Week selected the Vaporiety Patented TasteTop Lid as one of the 50 most innovative start-ups ON THE PLANET!

GEW reviewed hundreds of applications from over 60 countries and selected 50 start-ups based on the concept, growth projections and knowledge of the industry. More details about the list can be found here.

Vaporiety Named one of 50 most Innovative Startups in the World

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